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Well Kyusho ladies and Gentlemen…

All I can say is WOW, WOW AND DOUBLE WOW.

I have to admit, I had high hopes for our Kyusho On The Cutting Edge” 2011 Seminar with Grand Master Will Higginbotham, but I was a little nervous.

After all, it’s a big deal in the current economy to encourage Kyusho and Small Circle Practitioners from all over the planet to come out to San Diego with statements like…

  • A New Class of pressure Points almost nobody knows about and works on everyone.FirstFrame
  • Energy projection Secrets that send people flying across the room
  • How to make pressure points work on virtually anyone any time.
  • The Ultimate Pressure Point and How To Use It

Those were some pretty ballsy and provocative statements.


I was worried people wouldn’t share my conclusions.

That I Might Not Be Able to Back It Up.

What if people didn’t share my enthusiasm, conviction or belief in what we were doing?

All of these thoughts ran through my head.

I was prepared for the worst,



This thing went beyond anyone’s wildest expectations.

Not only did GM Will Higginbotham Reveal Some Tremendously powerful pressure point and energy projection secrets.

But the visiting Pressure Point Masters from the West Coast revealed some of the most Powerful Revolutionary and BRAND NEW Pressure  Power Principles I had EVER seen.

In fact, this stuff was so cutting edge…



In Fact, I am officially calling this New Understanding of the Body and How it Relates To Pressure Point Fighting…


I’ll be sharing some clips from this amazing seminar as well as a cross section of the secrets that were unlocked (many for the very first time anywhere) by

  • GM Will Higginbotham
  • Master Luis Lopez
  • Master Luis Larios
  • Master Cotton Marks

and of course…

Yours Truly, Lil Ole Me. David Snyder… Chief Kyusho Kempo Kook and Bottle-Washer

For all the students, visiting/featured masters and first time attendees to this, what promises to be The West Coasts Premiere Annual Pressure Point Training Event.

All I can Say is thank you, thank you, thank you,

I am truly honored, awed and astounded by the discoveries you have made.

Stay tuned for updates and video clips to come.

Your Loyal Friend and Pressure Point Pal

GM David Snyder

Kyusho On The Kutting Edge Seminar May 21 and 22, 2011


Hey There   This is David Snyder From Sunny San Diego California.

I just wanted to drop you a line to remind you that
the SPECIAL EARLY BIRD PRICE for our Exciting

"Kyusho On The Kutting Edge" Seminar

With Grand Master Will Higginbotham

               SATURDAY MAY 15, 2011
                  AT 11:59 PM PST
The Early Bird tuition for Both Days of Training Is
Only $97. As long as you ENROLL Before May 15, 2011 by
clicking the link below.

You will get instant access and vip front row space for
12 hours of cutting edge (and in many cases...


Breakthroughs and Discoveries in the Art and Science of
Kyushojitsu, Tuite-jitsu and of course Small Circle Jujitsu.

I've been prepping for this seminar for quite some
time and I can tell you...

This one is going to change the game for all of us...

This one is going to blow the lid of some largely
unexplored realms of Kyusho and how to make it
work simpler, easier and faster than ever before.

I guarantee it.

I've discussed some small pieces of what will
be explored at this unique Kyusho training event with
some high level masters and...

They were completely floored.

Now I have to tell you I did promise I wouldn't reveal
too much in this letter so you will have to use
your imagination about the secrets we will be
sharing at this exclusive, "by-invitation-only" event.

The spaces are going pretty quick but there is still
time for you to register Before the Deadline of
May 15. 2011

To get your special early bird tuition of only $97
and save your spot, Just click the link below.

After May 15 the price jumps to $127.00 and then to
$147.00 on the day of the seminar.

Instructors who bring four or more students get in
free. Instructor with the most students wins a special
"School Spirit" award (to be announced!)

By the way I also promised GM Will that If there
is enough interest I would show...

Some of my top secret methods for making
pressure points work faster and easier on
just about anyone with a pulse.

The Secret of the Ultimate Pressure Point.

Energy Projection Secrets that send people
flying across the room.

and the new class of pressure points that make
all this stuff possible...

Not to mention special drills for using kyusho
in multiple attacker situations.

And that's just the bonus stuff on top of all the
great Information GM Will Higginbotham Will Be
sharing this coming Weekend on

Saturday and Sunday May 21 and 21 2011.
From 12 pm to 6pm. Both Days.

I can tell you I am truly excited to Have
GM Will Comming in To share his vast knowledge
and expertise with the Southern California Kyusho

I am also looking forward to hanging out with you
and the rest of our kyusho congregation the weekend
of May 21 and 22nd,

(Get in Friday night and we'll have pre-seminar
meet and greet down in Old Town San Diego or Del Mar!)

Anyway, This letter is turning into a novel.

Just click the link below to reserve your spot
before someone else takes it.

Last I looked we had room for just about 20
to 25 more and then we have to close it out.

If you have any questions Shoot me an email

you can also call me directly at 858-947-8382

See you soon.

Kick Butts and Take Names.

Your Loyal Friend and Kyusho Kompadre'

David Snyder
7th Dan Ryukyu Kempo, Kyushojitsu and tuitejitsu.
Chief Cook and Bottle Washer!

PS: By the way we DO plan on video taping this seminar
    If you are interested in a copy, let me know.

    Here is the link to reserve your spot in case
    you missed it earlier...

PPS: Don't forget that as an added bonus you will also recieve a FREE dvd
     copy of our Seminar and Be included in our Kyusho Masters Hall of
     FAME Video Series and A Promotional Clip for your school and our blog.
     See you on May 21 and 22nd. 2011 at 12 pm for KYUSHO ON THE CUTTING EDGE!

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