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More Kyusho From The Cutting Edge!

Hey There Kyusho Fans.

As promised here is the next installment from our last Cutting Edge Kyushojitsu Seminar. Here in Sunny San Diego with This Years Special Guest Grand Master Will Higginbotham.

As is our policy this video will remain here in its entirety for the next 7 days ( so watch it while you can) after that it will be moved to our members area for our further analysis, dissection and discussion on the real pressure point fighting secrets of kyushojitsu, tuitejitsu and Small Circle Jujitsu.

There is some truly amazing material here that will take your pressure point fighting skills to a whole new level.

Enjoy the video, post your comments and if you haven't joined the kyusho secrets newsletter. Do that right now so you can get in on our upcoming virtual "Cutting Edge Kyushojitsu" online seminar.

Here's the video Rock and Roll,

by the way if you like what you have seen so far... you ain't seen nothing yet!

The really hot stuff came out on Day Two!

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