Learn The Hidden Pressure Point Self Defense Secrets of The Martial Arts Most Black Belts Will NEVER Know!





Kyusho 2.0 The Modern Science of  Pressure Point Fighting is a powerful blend of Ancient and Modern Kempo systems combined with some of today's most advance mental and physical training methods.

The System Is Designed T0  Quickly and Easily Teach You How To Maximize Your Martial Arts Skills In Minimum Time.460778_10150838076623775_1166623933_o

Because of our  unique approach to training and its emphasis on the use of pressure point attacking, Kyusho 2.0 is ideal for busy professionals, women and children.  Our specialized training methods teach even the smallest person how to safely use pressure points to gain a significant advantage over larger and stronger opponents.

But that is not all... Kyusho 2.0 gives you so much more than just the ability to defend yourself.

The physical and mental training techniques and principles of Kyusho 2.0 also provide amazing health benefits, powerfully enhancing your sense of well-being, self-confidence and self-esteem. Kyusho 2.0  is for people who want to be able to defend themselves today and still continue to grow and enjoy ever increasing levels of health, self-confidence relaxation and a feeling of being safe in an in control in and situation or circumstance.

For more information call us at 858-947-8382
or email  david@kyushokempo.com

Classes Held Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:00 PM To 8:30 PM

Located At:

Innovation Martial Arts Training Center
(Miramar Pyramid)

7310 Miramar Road

San Diego, CA 92121


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