Kyusho Goes Cossack? Huh?

No, not really, But my never ending quest to uncover better, easier and more effective ways of delivering Kyusho has definitely led me deeply into the realm of the Russian and Slavic Martial Arts.

And guess what, I found a Treasure trove of amazing stuff that translates DIRECTLY into better, easier, and nastier methods to use Kyusho.

During my journey ( Which Still Continues,) I came across many great instructors in these arts. And Since I am also An Arnis Aficionado this little gem really gave me a lot to build and extrapolate upon.

That Being Said, I proudly Present a short but amazingly cool video by Matt Powell of on The Cossack Sabre.

Enjoy, and if you have any questions about how this applies to kyusho or combat in general shoot me an email

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