Let's Be Honest...

Most of us HATE The idea that we could be in Danger at any given moment. That some random stranger could come from out of nowhere and take the things that are most precious from us.

• Our Loved Ones

• Our Lives

• Our Most Treasured Possessions


As much as we don't like to think of these things and like to focus on more positive aspects of life.

The simple truth is that the willingness to prepare and plan for the unexpected; to develop a special awareness and knowledge of how to protect ourselves and loved ones from danger  is EXACTLY What a person really needs in order to more FULLY ENJOY Every Other Aspect Of Your Life.

The Ability To Protect Your Self Allows You To...

• Keep The Ones You Love Most Safe
• Protect Your Own Life And FREEDOM
• And Enjoy A Greater Sense of Self Confidence, Health And Relaxation In every aspect of your life.

If any of what I've said is even remotely relevant to your life. If you like Being Ready and having the ability to protect yourself from Danger.

I'd like to cordially invite you to very special FUN EXCITING and FREE Seminar On Some of the Most Cutting Edge Methods of Personal Self Defense Available Today.

On Sunday February 15, 2015 From 2 PM to 5 PM.

I'll Be Teaching a Very Special Series of Workshops on Personal Self Defense.

During This Amazing Series You Learn The FAST , FUN And EFFECTIVE Self Defense Secrets of Some of the Worlds Most POWERFUL Martial Arts

1. KALI-ARNIS - ESCRIMA - Secrets of The Filipino Martial Arts


2. Kyushojitsu - Pressure Point Self Defense Secrets


3.  Systema - Russian Martial Arts Made Easy

Whether You Are Brand New To Self Defense Training or a Seasoned Martial Artist...

You'll Have A Fantastic Time Learning Some of the very best Self Defense methods in a FUN, Safe FRIENDLY, Non Competitive Environment.

During These Three Amazing Sessions...

• You'll Learn Simple And Easy Methods, Principles, Strategies and Tactics for
   The Precise and Deliberate use of pressure points To Defend Yourself From

• Use Pressure Points And Other Body Weaknesses To Escape from any hold

Increase the effectiveness your personal martial art technique by as Much
As 80%

Gain more self confidence in your ability to use your own art more effectively

Learn How to subdue a bigger stronger opponent FAST

How to use psychological pressure points and combat hypnosis to defeat your attacker

How to use skeletal pressure points to easily make your assailant fall flat on his face or back

• Knock out, seriously injure or otherwise incapacitate your opponent with seemingly very light

• Secret pressure point attacks that leave no visible marks and thus no evidence of wrong doing.

• The Universal Escape Formula for Getting Out of Holds and Locks

• Special Drills for Defending Yourself Against Weapon Attacks

• Secrets of Mental Training, Stress Fear and Pain Control And Much Much


Space For This FREE Secrets of Personal Self Defense Is Limited.
So Make Sure You Get Your Spot  Before Someone Else Does

Click This Link To Reserve Your Spot


No Experience is Necessary, If you are an avid self defense buff, just curious or even a lifelong martial artist.

This special training has something for you.

You'll walk away feeling an increased sense of confidence, security and personal power that allows you to enjoy your life more fully knowing that should the "unthinkable" or Unexpected arise.

You'll Be Ready.

Shoot me an email or call me if you have any questions.


Your Friend,
David Snyder L.Ac. MAOM
8th Degree Black Belt
* Certified Instructor:
* Combat Systema
* Combat Arnis
* Cinco Mano Escrima
* Modern Arnis
* Kyushojitsu
* Tuitejitsu
* Small Circle Jujitsu


  1. I failed to find your physical address in this website. So please give me a clue.

  2. Our new address is

    Action Performance Training Center
    312 South Cedros Blvd
    Suite 326,
    San Diego, CA 9205

    give us a call at 858 481 1438 Let my staff know you are calling about the martial arts classes.

    Talk to you soon.

    Your Friend.


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