Knockout Pressure Points – Ko’s Made Easy

knock out pressure points made easy.

Knocking out people with pressure points is actually very easy.

All you have to do is "activate" the pressure point properly.

Oh... "is that all there is to it David?"


All you need to do is activate them properly.

Okay David Well how do I activate them properly?

Answer - That DEPENDS on the point.

By now you are probably beginning to see through the sarcasm.

Simple Truth is I could give you a laundry list of knockout pressure points.

but what does that really tell you?

In order to activate a pressure point and get a knockout you have two basic approaches.


A - Hit it Really Friggin Hard.

B - Just hit it right.

both scenarios assume...

A You know where the point is.

B. You have the capability to actually hit it during combat.

C.You can do it consistently and safely.


The Hit It Really Friggin Hard Approach - this is the approach most people take

the mind set of course goes - If I hit hard enough anything I hit becomes a pressure point,and of course this approach also assumes that the point your going after is actually accessible through a neurological receptor that monitors striking.

Lots of ifs but the last assumption of course is..

That you can actually hit hard enough to activate it.

This is what I call the Bluto Approach to pressure point work... just hit it hard and everything will be just fine.

For those of you who don't know "Bluto" was the consistent bad guy in all the old Pop Eye The Sailor Cartoons.

As you recall, he was big, strong, tough and not too very bright.

You get my point.

If you are going to Be a Bluto... you are probably in the wrong place.


Oh, By The Way Here Are 5 Knockout Pressure Points for you.

Knockout Pressure Point 1 =  Stomach 5

 Knockout Pressure Point 2 = Stomach 5

 Knockout Pressure Point 3 = Triple Warmer 17

 Knockout Pressure Point 4 = Gallbladder 20

 Knockout Pressure Point 5 = Triple Warmer 23


If you look at the vast majority of knockouts and the pressure points that cause them.

These are the Major Ones.

The good news if you are a Bluto,

You can just hit these really hard.

Unless of course you get the angle of activation wrong.


In which case, you have to be a Bluto because the guy you are hitting will get really pissed off... and you probably won't knock him out.

Oh, Wait...

You want to know... what the heck is a Stomach 5? 

Triple Warmer Who?

 Ready to stop being a Bluto?

Enter your name and email in the Box To Your Right and I will Teach Exactly what where and how to hit this points and make them work for you.

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I will see you on the other side.


Your Friend and Loyal Pressure Point Coach.

David Snyder L.Ac , Dipl. O.M.

7th Dan Ryukyu Kempo

Creator Kyusho Ryu - Kyusho 2.0 Training System.



  1. I was looking for pressure points and discovered
    your hypnosis training, which I am now a menber.

    Ronald Hite

  2. Would like some info on pressure points

  3. Hi Ronald,

    Yes, I do indeed lead a double life as both a martial arts trainer, and a hypnosis trainer. ( I actually have a few more hats that I wear but they aren’t really relevant for this blog. Please post your questions here so I know best what kind of information you are looking for.

    Talk to you soon.

    David Snyder

    PS: If you are local in San Diego, you are welcome to stop by one of our regular monthly meetups.

  4. Thank u send me info

  5. I’ve always wanted to learn, my friend knows how to, but they refuse to tell me (I even swore I wouldn’t use it on them, lol.)
    Thanks for the information!

  6. alize wright says:

    I was looking for how to knockout my oponent by useing his presure points and puting him to sleep

  7. Check Out My Pressure Point Fighting Crash Course Lessons four and five

  8. How do you do the basic knock out point, also explain it as if I’m 5 or 7 years of age, which I’m really in high school

  9. Chris carrion says:

    Id like some info please and thank you

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