Kyusho 2.0: Pressure Point Fighting Enters The 21st Century




What the heck is Kyusho 2.0?

In a time when new information and new systems are being devised, revised and updated, it seems only natural that as time goes on, and as our understanding of the mind-body continuum continues to grow. That our methods of training and applying of Kyusho must also  grow and become easier, more user friendly, and most importantly ...


So What is Kyusho 2.0 exactly...

Kyusho 2.0 Is a Thoroughly  Modern, Redesigned and Updated Version, a modern methodology if you will, of the Ancient Science of  "Vital Point" or "One Second fighting".

The Kyusho 2.o system boasts a variety of outstanding advantages and upgrades over the older styles of kyusho training and takes  fully into account and incorporates modern discoveries in the fields of :

  • Advanced Bio-mechanics
  • Kinesics/Kinesiology
  • Neurology and Physiology

Accelerated Learning Methodologies such as:

  • Autogenics
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Hypnosis
  • Sports Psychology

Kyusho 2.0 also expands on the concept of  the two most distinguishing aspects of combat from which the system derives its name. That being the  twin Concepts of Kyusho - "Vital Point" and/or "One Second Fighting"

Kyusho Defined -

  • Kyusho Definition 1- Vital Point
  • Kyusho Definition 2 - Fast or "One Second"

With is this in mind Kyusho 2.0 begins its approach to combat with the question:

"What is a vital point, and what is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to use these vital points to end a fight in the fastest most efficient way possible."

What are the skills necessary to accomplish this goal, and how quickly and effectively can those skills be taught so that the student becomes functionally able to apply the method effectively to defend him or herself.

To Help Answer These Questions Kyusho 2.0  Significantly Expands on The Concept of The Vital Point.

The Kyusho 2.0 Concept of the Vital Point is as follows

For all intents and purposes:

A Vital Point Can Be Defined As ANY Point of  Influence or Weakness within a human being that can be used to exert influence over that persons mind or body.

Contrast this with the older more "traditional" and accepted understanding of the vital point.

According to Dillman -

"A Pressure Point - A Place To Enter Pain Into the Nervous System of the Body."

Now depending on which school of kyusho you follow, your study will consider these kyusho to be places where nerves meet, cross,  split or end.

Other schools of thought stay closer to the oriental "acupuncture style of kyusho point designation" using a five element system such as a fire point, earth point, water point, wood point and of course metal points.

All other schools fall somewhere in between these two polar paradigms.

The  Dillman Definition is by far the most common definition of a Kyusho Point. And its also important to make a distinction between pressure points that attack the nervous system and other forms of kyusho points ( points of influence and/or weakness) that can be just as devastating and in some cases even more useful than neurological kyusho because some of them work on everyone, as opposed to neurological kyusho which operates on a bell curve from human being to human being.

Kyusho 2.0 Also makes use of:

  • Psychological Kyusho
  • Structural Kyusho
  • Proxemic Kyusho
  • Energetic Kyusho
  • Perceptual Kyusho
  • and of course Neurological Kyusho

The synthesis of this vastly expanded understanding of Kyusho combined with specialized training methods actually allows the Kyusho 2.0 practitioner to deliver his or her techniques more easily, effectively and with a higher probability of success than ever before.

As time goes on I will elaborate more on the different types of Kyusho Points that are utilized in Kyusho 2.0. as well as some ways for you to incorporate Kyusho 2.0 training methods into your martial arts regimen.

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Master David L. Snyder L.Ac.

7th Dan, Grand Master
Ryukyu Kempo-Kyushojitsu/Tuitejitsu
Founder Kyusho Ryu/ Kyusho 2.0

By the way...

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