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One of the many reasons I began my study of Systema was my never ending quest for power. Yes, there it is I said.

POWER Pure and Simple.

In my 30 plus years in the martial arts I've never Been Satisfied just doing what I was taught. I've always explored, asked questions. Poked and prodded instructors of all arts and disciplines, just like my Sensei's

  • Ed Hartzell,
  • Ed Lake,
  • George Dillman,
  • Remy Presas,
  • Wally Jay,
  • John La Tourette
  • John Clodig
  • Jeff Gilbert
  • and Bram Frank

Inspired Me To Do.

I think Grand Master Ed Hartzel is the Biggest One to blame. It was GM Ed who really Inspired me to continually go out and discover. He had it printed Righ On The Certificates...


"True Knowledge Will Find Those Who Seek Its Understanding"

I Took that message to heart in a big way. That Message and My Passion to live it lead me right to the Big Three. Who Were The Big Three?

  • Grand Master George Dillman,
  • Professor Remy Presas, and
  • Professor Wally Jay. aka "The Big Three"


These three Great Masters in the time I spent and continue to spend with them continue to inspire me and reinforce to me what a great big world we live in and that there is ALWAYS More To learn.

That there are "Secrets" in the Martial Arts. One of those Secrets or to put it more appropriately The search for one of those secrets led me to Systema and The Great Kevin Secours or Montreal whose video on Wave Force Striking Tops this Article.

I had always wanted to hit hard. I mean really hard. But as much as I wanted to hit hard. My love for flow in all its many forms always seemed to take precedent and probably rightly so.

Masters like Remy Presas and Wally Jay, and Dr. John La Tourette who truly epitomized the concept of flow in fighting and set the standard by which I measured combat skills by. And of course There's the love of my life...

KYUSHOJITSU - Pressure Point Striking and Tuitejitsu Pressure Point Grappling.

Ironically or maybe not so ironically. Kyusho people when properly trained HIT REALLY Hard. Or at least it certainly feels that way. But there was another kind of force I wanted. Internal force or power not to be confused with Qi. but rather Jing. And as much as I excelled at Tai Chi. There was another art that served as my template on my quest for internal power.

It was called Wa Lu. I had been introduced to Wa Lu back in the early 90's by one of the few truly accomplished practitioners of the art. For those of you who would like to know more about Wa Lu. I Recommend you look up Master Jim Cravens at the Chinese Boxing Institute. I'll post some links later.

Wa Lu  Known as a "Bridge Art" Primarily because of its ability to teach external practitioners how to transition to internal power. Wa Lu was often jokingly referred to as "Tai Chi" With An Attitude. (Interestingly, Wally Jay was actually quite aware of this art though I only discovered that from Exploring The Connection between Small Circle Jujitsu and Chinese Chin Na as taught by Sifu Christopher Casey aka "Kai Sai")

Wa Lu led me to want to study Iron Shirt and it was my search to learn Iron Shirt that led me to Systema. Or more specifically to Scott Sonnons "Shock Absorbtion" Videos Which completely blew me away and introduced to a level of knowledge about the body and its systems that would Truly lead to some amazing discoveries. and Ultimately To My Study of Systema.

Over the past 20 Years the discoveries about the internal bio-mechanical and energetic aspects of the martial arts have continued to unlock for us here and although I try to keep my "secrets" close to home. I am getting bigger and bigger nudges from the Tao, Universe, God, What ever you want to call it, that its time to actually start sharing some of this stuff again.


My goal over the next several months is to share with you through this blog and other forums some powerful and important discoveries that will help you maximize your martial arts skills in minimum time.

But be warned... A lot of this stuff Looks Impossibly Easy. One on level it is. On another level... Its ... Well... NOT!

Shorten the learning curve and give you some powerful master keys for becoming unstoppable in your own right. But be warned. I can be a bit of dick head, or at least, I can come across as one as I discuss the arts, strengths, weaknesses, and in my opinion many "misconceptions" that lead us down paths that ultimately take us away from functional martial arts technique.

So Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my little history and blog post.

The video by Kevin Secours is simply excellent and deserves repeated study.

Kevin is My Combat Systema Instructor and also a Kempo Jujitsu Practitioner, in fact  For those Ryukyu Kempo History Buffs, Hohan Sokens Personal Sai's Are hanging In Kevins Dojo in Montreal, I visit them every time I go up for  a camp. Kevin has also authored several books, including one on pressure points. Unfortunately its in French and I can't seem to find a translation.

Well Folks Thats It For Today.

Please send me your comments and questions.

Sign up for our FREE 7 Lesson Pressure Point Crash Course. I'll be posting some more on my recent discoveries in bio mechanical kyushojitsu which will DRAMATICALLY make your pressure point fighting, SAFER, EASIER, FASTER and MORE EFFECTIVEarrowdown.gif.

Look for our next article called "The Invisible Throw"  Secrets of Bio Mechanical Kyushojitsu Part One


Your Friend,

Grand Master David Snyder


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