Kyusho Kempo.Com Presents: Free Seminar Hidden Pressure Point Secrets of Karate, Kung Fu, Jujitsu And Aikido

Kyusho Kempo.Com Presents
Free Seminar!

Hidden Pressure Point Secrets of
Karate, Kung Fu, Jujitsu and Aikido


Have You Ever Felt Like There Was Something Missing In Your Martial Art?

Like Maybe you weren't getting the whole picture. Have you ever tried to use your art against someone significantly bigger than you and discovered it didn't quite work the way it was supposed to?

It could be that you were missing the one thing all great martial ars masters knew about. The Precise and Deliberate use of pressure points of the human body.

In this exciting FREE Introduction to the art and science of pressure point fighting you will quickly discover the precise methods to:

  • Use Pressure Points To Escape from any hold
  • Increase the effectiveness your personal martial art technique by at least 80%
  • Gain more self confidence in your ability to use your own art more effectively
  • Learn How to subdue a bigger stronger opponent FAST
  • How to use psychological pressure points and combat hypnosis to defeat your attacker
  • How to use skeletal pressure points to easily make your assailant fall flat on his face or back
  • Knock out, seriously injure or otherwise incapacitate your opponent with seemingly very light
  • Secret pressure point attacks that leave no visible marks and thus no evidence of wrong doing.

The bottom line is this: If you aren't using pressure points in your art, in many cases your not tapping into
half the power and effectiveness you could be having. It doesn't matter if you study karate. kung fu. aikido. jujitsu or any of the multitude of Mixed Martial Art and Hybrid Styles That exist.

This seminar is safe, fund and easy introduction to the ancient and deadly art of pressure point self defense.
We will take you step by step into the why,, how and what of using pressure points and how to integrate this secret knowledge into what ever art you practice, in fact even if you have no experience in the martial arts you will quickly and easily learn how to use these techniques to protect yourself and your loved ones. FAST.

I'll be honest with you, you can buy all the books .and video tapes you want to, but without guided hands on practice and feedback, YOU WILL NOT Learn How To Use Pressure Points Effectively.

Kyusho is a touch-based art and requires a special knowledge of how to revive as well as attack.

In this seminar we will go over special drills and point location, angle and direction that will give you instant access to these powerful pressure point striking and grappling techniques.

This is a Rare Opportunity To Learn REAL and Valuable Secrets of The Martial Arts.
I don't hold these special introductory seminars often and spaces always fill up fast.

We are going to limit this seminar to the first 20 people to rsvp.

Sign Up Now To Be One of the Lucky 20 Who Gets Their Hands on The Very UNIQUE Information.

Talk to you soon.


GrandMaster David L. Snyder L.Ac.
7th Dan Ryukyu Kempo, Kyushojitsu and Tuitejitsu
Pressure Point Self Defense Meetup Coordinator
PS: If you have any questions Please feel free to give me call at 858-947-8382


  1. Hello I would like some information about some of your classes.

  2. I wish there was a point that could be used stealthfuly so as not to make a big deal out of a situation and end it quickly and cool

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