Kyusho Ryu: Pressure Points One Second Fighting and Beyond…

What is Kyusho Ryu?

Kyusho Ryu literally means "Vital Point/Fast Fighting School"

The tenets of the system focus on and around the primary principles inherent within the systems name.

The studied, systematic use of vital points for the express purpose of quickly and efficiently disabling or incapacitating one or more opponents.

As its guiding principle all kyusho techniques, theories and principle must and do conform to this guiding rule.

But one might ask...

Well how does this make Kyusho Ryu any different  from say other schools of kyusho.

The first and probably one of the most important distinctions is that Kyusho Ryu Significantly extrapolates and expands on the concept of what a "vital point" actually is.

For all intents and purposes a Kyusho or vital point as defined within our system is:

"ANY Point of  Influence or Weakness Within A  Human Being That Can Be Used To Exert Influence Over A Persons Mind and/or Body."

Now you may notice that there are two pages on this site that start with the term kyusho.

Kyusho Ryu Vs. Kyusho 2.o.

What  is the difference.

Kyusho Ryu is a system and a style of martial art, and although it is  relatively new synthesis. Kyusho Ryu still honors many of the origins and forms passed down through the centuries.  However, the engine that drives Kyusho Ryu techniques, principles and theories is Kyusho 2.o.

Kyusho 2.o is a thoroughly modern and systematic "Method" of training Whereas Kyusho Ryu is the study of "all of the many vital points of the body.

Kyusho 2.0 is the method in which we train to apply those principles concepts and theories are integrated into a cohesive and extremely fast and efficient delivery system that allows kyusho techniques to be delivered faster, more effectively, and safely  with more power than previously taught.

You see the most unfortunate aspect of Kyusho In the Modern Age is that many styles that embrace the use of kyusho points...

Are still using centuries old methods for training the art.

While we fully honor and respect the older ways and their traditions, not to mention that these methods have proven themselves over time.  New understandings, discoveries and training methods can and have made the effective use of vital points far more practical and easier to learn and apply.

Why do we make  distinction between Kyusho Ryu and Kyusho 2.o.

Because Kyusho Ryu is a Martial art that stands on its own, with its own unique body of techniques and guiding principles and yes we do have certain secrets that we Keep within Our School for our students alone.

Kyusho 2.o is a training method that can be easily applied to any martial arts system and significantly shorten the learning curve while improving the students ability to perform the movements of the style.

Small distinction perhaps but an important one nonetheless.

Kyusho Ryu goes far beyond the study of vital points in terms of just combat, and progressively  guides the Kyusho Ryu Student deep into the realms of human influence on a much larger scale the mere combat, although that is were the learning starts,  the student quickly learns how to apply Kyusho to the realms of influence, persuasion and healing and personal evolution.

Kyusho Ryu is vehicle for ongoing empowerment, personal growth and exploration while building on a solid foundation of reliable, highly effective and easy to apply self defense skills.

Kyusho Ryu teaches you to work with nature not against it. it teaches you to pay attention and develop an awareness of the world that gives one an extreme advantage in everything from combat to business, social and romantic success.

Because of the power and advantages over others  that a knowledge of Kyusho Ryu can give You. We are forced to deliberately limit access to some of our teachings.

However we do invite you to check out our free "Hidden Pressure Point Secrets of Karate, Kung Fu, Jujitsu and Aikido: Martial Arts seminars we hold occasionally here in San Diego. Once we get to know you, you may be invited to become part of our "Private By-Invitation- Only"  Study Group.

We welcome any questions you may have and always look forward to your emails.

For More Information You can Contact Me at or check out sister site at

For more information on the many types of Kyusho that exist I invite you to check out the Kyusho 2.o page for a better understanding of the many categories of Kyusho Taught In The Kyusho Ryu System.

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