Kyusho MythBuster # 1 The Shocking Truth About No-Touch Knockouts

Well,  you know if  I was going to launch my first official set of posts with bang, I could hardly pick a more loaded topic than the famous ( or perhaps infamous is more appropriate) topic than the much vaunted no touch knockout.pressure-points-strikes-1

Now as I get into this topic, and I do plan to go quite deep on this, I will probably have to break my thoughts and explanations up into smaller chunks and deliver them over the course of several weeks.

I do this for several reasons.

First of course, is that I do this blog in my spare time and as an adjunct to my personal martial arts programs which are Not open to the general public.

I do prefer to keep some of my secrets to myself.

But I do know that what I am willing to share with you over the course of our time together will at the very least entertain and stimulate you, if not enhance and even in some cases completely change the way you approach your kyusho training.

So, lets jump in and talk about no touch knockouts.

Of course the first question anyone asks when they see a "No Touch" for the first time is usually " Is That for Real or Is He Faking That?"

Now keep in mind that is usually the polite response.

Some people are very quick to yell out "BULLSHIDO!"or its less socially acceptable equivalent.

So lets start off with the most controversial question first...

Do No-Touch Knockouts Exist?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is a definite yes and no.

Yes I know your brain just came to a screeching halt.

So at the risk of sounding like I am evading the issue. Let me try to explain my position and as you will quickly discover
I have some rather unique insights into this phenomena, and please note that some of my views and insights may conflict and even anger my kyusho brethren... so be it.

First of all Yes, No-Touch Knockouts do exist.

I can say that because I have the dubious, or not so dubious distinction of having been one of the very first people in DKI to actually do a no-touch knockout. You can ask around DKI circles or just plain ask George D. Himself.

( Only my knockouts were done on a guys charging at me full blast and they didn't know it was coming)

My methods are NOT the methods you see most people using to perform no-touches.

In fact, at the risk of alienating, heck even pissing people off, I would have to say the method I use is a better one, but that is strictly a personal bias.

Whew... now that I have that off my chest... let me throw some more wood on fire.

I never do a no-touch on someone who is expecting it.  I will explain that in later posts.

Here is Kyusho Myth Buster #2 - There is NO SUCH THING AS A NO -Touch Knockout.

Well if your brain wasn't recoiling in shock, and horror at my outrageous claims before I'll bet your head is really spinning now.

Yes, you read correctly, there is no such thing as a no-touch knockout.

Now, this I do have to explain.

And to give you this explanation I must, at the risk of sounding like I am bragging, explain my background in not only the martial arts but also my entire spectrum of training as it pertains to this topic.

First off...

I am a master hypnotist and I do hypnotherapy professionally,

I am certified in Neuro-linguistic programming

I am a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher

I am a licensed acupuncturist, and herbalist both nationally and in the state of california.

I am also a trained and certified pranic healer and psychotherapist

and in addition to all my other esoteric studies I am also a Certified Advanced Theta Healer.

All of these disciplines (and there is a lot more in the ways of credentials I can give you) allow me to look at the phenomenon of no touch knockouts with a little bit of a different perspective.

Which brings us back to my earlier statements

" Yes,Virginia, No touch Knockouts Do Exist, There is no such thing as a no-touch knockout"


how do you reconcile that.

Very simple really.

It all goes back to an understanding of basic physics or should I say "quantum physics"

You see a no-touch knockout works because the nervous system of our target receives a command/message that causes it to respond in  a certain way.

As a hypnotist, there is a unique category or method of placing people into trance known as "shock inductions" and or Instant/Rapid Inductions.

These methods of knocking people out (for lack of a better word) rely on injecting a sudden loss of mental or physical equilibrium into the target.

In other words...

A shock to the system that throws the subject into a state of  physical or mental chaos.

Interestingly when doing a kyusho technique, if you disrupt the targets equilibrium before you apply the pressure point strikes they actually pass out faster and go deeper.

(In fact, in some of the really secret techniques, we have some seriously covert ways to disrupt an opponents physical and mental equilibrium without them even knowing it.)

You see there really are different ways to achieve a no-touch knockout.

None of them are mutually exclusive and the models of how these phenomenon are created may be synergistic rather than the opposite.

Now setting aside the whole shock induction issue.

There is also this whole concept of energetics that come into play.

Well, honestly, you can't really talk about kyusho without eventually running into this whole Qi, Ki, Prana Mana sis-boom-ba, subject.

Here is the bottom line,

Qi exists, get over it, the quantum physicists have, and so have a whole slew of other scientific types.

Can you get a no touch knockout using just your qi?

No, I do not believe so.

There is one other vital element that you need and if you have that element,  Qi is not such an issue.

That vital element is called "energetic rapport" many of my associates in the pressure point arts view no touch phenomenon as an Energy Projection exercise, in other words they are loading up their jedi mind power and throwing balls or blasts of energy dragon ball z style into the target, think of it like an energetic punch.

I see it differently and my experience seems to bare this out.

I see human beings as being  the worlds biggest organic  antenna.

Lets face it, our nervous system if it is anything is mile upon mile of energetically conductive organic tissue.

Our sensory system is actually designed to send and transmit electromagnetic signals, and that is only one small subset of the nerve endings we have.

The key to understand here is that at some level, we are all oscillating at a specific range of frequencies, and those frequencies of energy communicate information back and forth albeit unconsciously.

Energetically speaking our nervous system is interacting with the entire universe (and that includes the people around us) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, recieving and transmitting huge amounts of information at the unconscious and pre-conscious level.

This information IS affecting the way we think, perceive, move and behave in the world.

We are literally in-touch and touching everyone and everything around us

It is impossible for us to be any other way.

This also means that when we find a way to tap into those frequencies we can actually send and receive information via this mechanism. Its kind of like remote control.

Now keep in mind that the vast majority of the energetic information we receive is NOT processed at the conscious level that we are normally aware of or pay attention to.


This information is processed "pre-consciously" by your nervous system BEFORE you become aware of it.

Now, remember this, anything outside of your awareness is OUTSIDE of your control.


Let me put it bluntly, If I have rapport with your nervous system, I can tap into your nervous system and influence it to a greater or lesser degree simply by changing and regulating my own.

I have actually taught non-martial artists exactly how to do this in just a few hours and they went out and made people do stuff like they were honest to goodness jedi. (hint, its also really good for meeting women)

Now compared to throwing a big ball of energy at someone, this process I just outlined sounds amazingly more complex doesn't it.

It's not.

Its actually easier.

In fact, the more energetic rapport you have, the less "Qi" you actually need.

Well, its getting kind of late.

I do hope I have laid the groundwork for a better understanding of the whole no-touch phenomenon up to this point.

Believe me I know this is a polarized topic.

Many of the no-touches that you see on youtube, and even the ones done by Grandmaster D. Himself are not what I would call a street workable approach to developing no-touches.  In fact, they usually make us look pretty bad.

Sorry guys but they do. (sigh)  I am hoping to change that.

If what I share on these posts can help others, than I consider the slings and arrows I am opening myself up to, well spent.

But they do give you a real clue about how to use certain principles to make what ever martial techniques you are going to use work better.

Feel free to post comments or questions.  Flames and other stuff will not be tolerated.

This is NOT an open forum to talk trash.

If you want to discuss principle, technique and methodology I am all for it.

If you want to flame or just be a troll, Go hang out on the Bullshido forums.

This blog is for people who actually want to learn something useful.

Until Next Time...

Kick Butt and Take Names.


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  1. i have seen over the internet a lot about kyusho is most of the one hit knock possible? if so does it require the use of both hands because i lost the use of one hand after a stroke and want to be able to end a fight if attacked

  2. Great Questions, and one that may require a bit of a lengthy answer.

    First of all, entry level kyusho requires the use of multiple pressure point stimulation. Therefore while you may see someone “strike” a pressure point and knockout the subject pay attention to the places the experienced kyusho practitioner touched, rubbed or struck “prior to” or concurrently with the finishing technique.

    Most kyusho techniques do require a “set up or activation” for maximum efficiency…


    While most kyusho-pressure point attacks require the use of multiple pressure points many of the more advanced techniques actually make use of pressure point clusters. (Areas of the body where a group of pressure points that have the correct relationship to each other) can be hit with one blow.

    Few of us outside of certain circles will talk about this aspect of pressure point fighting because of … well… lets be honest, we have to keep some secrets to ourselves in order to level the pressure point playing field.

    Now with regard to your missing and/or damaged hand. One of the truly unique aspects of kyusho and especially Kyusho Ryu and Kyusho 2.0 system is that even people with significant physical disabilities can use these techniques and have a better chance of defending themselves .

    Its just that you have to learn to adapt and modify your techniques to fit your capabilities. but even with just the use of one hand, you still have elbows, knees, feet, and even your head can be used to attack kyusho points.

    That doesn’t even take into consideration to the top secret ultra-pressure point skills one learns in “Harajitsu” which in my opinion, is the ultimate master-pressure point because it simply works on everyone regardless of size, or ethnicity and it even nullifies ones ability to use kyusho against you if you understand it. (its very advanced but once you got it there isn’t much of a defense against it.)

    So the short answer to your question is yes, you can most certainly use kyusho even with some physical setbacks. ( I know quite a few people in this category)

    Great question and I hope that gives you some food for thought.

    Thanks again.


    David Snyder
    7th Dan Ryukyu Kempo
    Founder Kyusho Ryu/Kyusho2.0

  3. Hi,

    first at all i like a lot your subjetive style of presenting us this technique, id be really really interested in some more information and the way of learning this technique here in europe where im from its not really easy to get any info, what can i do, should i just suscribe on your web?

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