Light Touch Knockouts… Myth or Reality?

You know I have to laugh sometimes when I look at some the crap people put on the internet. Truly I am astounded by some of what I see.

Be That as it may.

today I would like to touch on (no pun intended) "light touch knockouts"...

I've been doing kyusho for a very long time in fact I have either been trained by or trained along side most of the great ones.

So... Is There Such Thing as a Light Touch knockout.

Yes and no, Yes I know you love how I always give you those truly "definative" answers don't you?

Yes, Light Touch knockouts do exist, but then you have to ask...

Light or heavy... By whose standards are measuring?

And are we measuring by the amount of force generated by the person or by how much the person being "touched" can take?

I can tell you one thing. I do not use the term light touch knockouts to describe what I do and what I teach, even though by some peoples standards : they are extremely "light touch"

I much prefer to use the term "Right Touch" as compared to light touch.


Because I (and a select few like me) know exactly how to generate a tremendous amount of "power" for lack of a better word without it looking like it could possibly be that strong or have that much amplitude.

Its this "sneaky" power that you can't really see on a video (unless you know exactly what to look for and were to look for it"

But Right Touch Also Takes into account the all important key concepts of Pressure Point - Angle, Direction and Manipulation.

With a good kyusho man, who as been properly trained (most haven't)
I know that is a very arrogant thing to say (some things just have to be said)

It doesn't make it any less true,

but at some point you have to start making distinctions between what I call "Academic Kyushojitsu" and "Combat Kyushojitsu"

Power generation is a very important part (or should be) any good kyusho man's curriculum and so should the drills and skills necessary to hit moving and evading targets so that you are better able to deliver the "Right Touch" at the right time.

I've said it before and I will say it again...

When all is said and done, a pressure point is just a target.

Do light touch knockouts exist? yes.

But then again... who are you asking?

Until next time,

Kick Butt and Take Names.

David Snyder

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