NEW PRESSURE POINT SELF DEFENSE: Instant Take Downs and Invisible Throws | David Snyder


Secrets of Instant Pressure Point Take Downs and Throwing Techniques. This video introduces the Principles and concepts of Biomechanical Kyushojitsu or Pressure Points that directly influence the structure and stability of the human body.

The methods are faster, easier to find and make neurological pressure point work much safer to use and easier to make workable in a self defense situation.

The movements and targets fit well within practically any martial style that includes grabbing and clinching with an opponent.

For more information on ways to improve your success in using pressure points for combative applications stop by my blog at

We have more videos, and a FREE 7 Lesson ecourse on instant pressure point fighting methods and self defense techniques that safe, easy fast and effective.

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  1. Robert McKasson says:

    I want to enroll in your pressure point fighting classes.


    This is a seminar we have coming up in February, and You can also reach out to me at for information on our weekly classes.

    Talk to you soon.


    Your Friend,


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