Pressure Point Fighting Secrets: Maximizing Your Delivery System

Lets face it, when all it said and done a pressure point is only a target.

Granted a very useful one but a target none the less.

Now the truth is that we do define kyusho points a little bit differently than your average run of the mill pressure point practitioner.

Now whether you are utilizing traditional "neurological/ACUPUNCTURE Based Pressure points, or perceptual, psychological kyusho, or evens structural or proxemic kyusho.

The most effective kyusho attack is the one your opponent can't see coming and has no defense against.

I do make a distinction here.

Some forms of kyusho you can't stop even if you know its coming. (those are the really nasty secrets)

What that brings us to is what most of us who have a knowledge of kyusho should be working on most of all anyway and that is...

Our Delivery System.

The single biggest mistake I see in people trying to learn kyusho ( aside from thinking of kyusho as some sort of magic bullet) is that the would be kyusho enthusiast spends way too much time on aquiring more point knowledge instead of developing his or her ability to consistently attack and activate the kyusho points that they already know.

The ability to consistently nail a couple reliable kyusho points is worth more than knowing about a thousand points you can't make work when you really need them.

One of the secrets to maximizing your delivery system is what we call the V shaped kill zone.

The V-Shaped Kill  Zone is a line of attack that takes advantage of a very specific 'Perceptual Kyusho Point" this perceptual kyusho allows those of us in the know to pretty much hit an point on the face pretty much at will.

To best take advantage of the V-Shape Kill Zone One Also needs to master the Lightning Fist/Stealth Punching Method We teach in Kyusho Ryu and Kyusho 2.0.

Using the lightning fist technique combined with the v-shaped kill zone we can tell our opponent exactly where we are going to attack, move his hands directly next to the target in question and effectively hit the point from 2 -3 feet away before he can block or otherwise stop the strike.

Its a technique that anyone can learn and doesn't have anything mystical about it. Its just good science combined with the right mental and physical training techniques.

Remember first and foremost that kyusho IS A FIRST ATTACK/STRIKE ART.  In self-defense vernacular we would call it a form of anticipatory attack.

Tuitejitsu is more counter-offensive and blends with follow up pressure point striking to control and/or incapacitate an opponent.

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Shihan David Snyder L.Ac.
7th Dan Ryukyu Kempo
Founder Kyusho Ryu/Kyusho 2.0


  1. Hudson Sances says:

    hey so are you offering a newsletter with available training postings on it or do you host a class yourself??

  2. Hi Hudson.

    we do offer training opportunities for local folk out here in San Diego. Most of our training is done through our open to the public seminars held through and our sister website is devoted to the pressurepoint energy fighting arts and all the really hidden secret stuff (and yes there are secrets, amazing ones) sandiegoblackbeltclub is our martial arts club for everyone to come out and play with what ever arts they like. We host one of the most successful escrima meetups here in ole San Diego and the Pressure Points Integrate Nicely with everything we do.

    Once we get to know you through the meetups we usually invite only people with the right attitude to come and study the really heavy stuff and the principles that make it work like gangbusters. I am constantly amazed how simple tweaks to a technique can have such a dramatic impact on how effective the pressure points are on people. Its really cool.

    You should check us out when you have the chance.


    David Snyder

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