Pressure Point Healing 101 – Fast Ways To Fix Pain With Pressure Points

Healing with Pressure Points...Follow the pain.

Pressure Point Healing can be very fast and easy if you understand a few basic principles

Please note this post is not meant to diagnose replace prescribe for or treat any illness. Always consult your physician before

implementing ANY form of illness, physical or otherwise.

Using pressure points for healing has a long , illustrious and sometimes "myth-ridden" history.

And while I always recommend getting properly trained in using acupuncture points, pressure
points or any other form of physiologically active areas of the body, there are some very immediate
and practical things one can do to alleviate physical pain, stress and more.

As a certified and licensed practitioner of Chinese medicine we learn an awful lot about the many ways to
influence the body.

Now the method of pressure point healing I am going to share with you today is very simple and it works well. However

In order for you to make the most of it I feel I really need to give you some preliminary background first.

The history of Oriental Medicine Is Riddled with contradicting and often very vague and confusingĀ  Information.

Among the many reasons for this is simply the rather rabid desire for secrecy or to put it more accurately the desire

to keep information exclusively within ones family. You can also see this tradition of secrecy within most Asian martial
cultures as well.

Another reason is also that due to China's turbulent and often violent history. Many schools of thought about how the mind

and body work are often heavily influenced by the reigning political and spiritual regimes of the time ... To put it bluntly

Ideologies often played an extremely significant role in the development and practice of medicine. Far more than the modern

texts on the subject tend to imply. If fact most books on Chinese medicine will not tell you that the methods used for prescribing
certain points are actually derived from Herbal Medicine Practices and ultimately while they do work tend to not yield the same

kinds of results as methods derived from traditional i.e. classical Chinese Medical Texts Like the Huang Di Nei Jing.

Be that as it may, the early histories of using pressure points for healing are actually very simple and while it might be useful to
discuss the laws of yin and yang, five elements and eight principle diagnosis. We can begin our journey into highly effective

and often very practical ways to use pressure points by applying one very special and extremely simple Rule...


Yes, its really that simple. Would You Like Me To Explain That?

While the idea that I can fix or treat problems with the head by using pressure points in the foot is very cool and useful, or that I can

use a holographic approach to prescribing points,or feeling your pulse to determine what organ/meridian systems need treatment.

By and far the fastest way is to simply follow the pain.

This goes back to an ancient concept in Oriental Medicine known as Ah Shi (pronounced Ah Sher) points. The literaly translation escape
me at the moment but you can think of them as "ouch" points.

You see its best to think our our body and meridian system like a water way. We are mostly water anyway, but just like any waterway our channels
need to be constantly flowing or bad things happen.

The ancient principle is simple that all illness in the body is due to an excess or deficiency of energy reaching the right places and of course the
Biggest reason for energy not going where its supposed to is energy that gets blocked for one reason or another.


This is where it gets cool and really practical for us as students wanting to learn how to heal with pressure points.

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