Pressure Points: How to Fight, Heal and More Using Pressure Points

Pressure Points:  What Makes A Pressure Point A Pressure Point?

Old Definition: Kyusho 1.0:

As Grand Master Dillman puts it,

1."A pressure point is a place to enter "pain" into the nervous system of the body"

2.  A place where a nerve comes to Y i.e. splits or branches, a place where nerves cross, a place where a nerve comes to an end.

New Definition Kyusho 2.0:

The Kyusho 2.0 Concept of the Vital Point is as follows

For all intents and purposes:

A Vital Point Can Be Defined As ANY Point of  Influence or Weakness within a human being that can be used to exert influence over that persons mind or body.

So naturally as a result of our new understanding. In kyusho we define, or to put it more accurately we "re-define" the concept of "pressure" as well.

In kyusho ryu terms pressure is simply a way of saying stimuli or information. In a nutshell, what kind of information are we sending and what is the most appropriate "pressure" or stimulus necessary to create the desired effect.

Sometimes that "pressure" is a classical push, touch, hit or rub.

Many times its simply a repositioning of OUR body that causes a reciprocal response in our target, sometimes its almost completely subliminal and/or linguistic that causes an unconscious response within the mind or body of our subject/target.

This is especially true when activating, structural, proxemic, psychological or perceptual kyusho points.

All of which can work individually or as in most cases synergistically to help us achiever our goal ending the conflict by placing us in the strongest possible position both physically, energetically and psychologically, while putting the target in the most vulnerable/susceptible position for the reception of our inputs.

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