Secrets of Martial Spirit! – Use What You Have

You know this particular post isn't about Pressure Points
or Kyushojitsu or Energy Work.

Its about something much more fundamental:

Spirit: Specifically Martial Spirit.

Very Often We let well meaning friends and loved
ones Tell us What We Can and Can't Do.

What our capabilities are Or Aren't.

Many times, we also do it ourselves.

But every so often there awakens within
us a calling, an inner voice that refuses
to be silenced.

That urges us to aspire to something. Many
times something "others" tell us we can't do.

Welcome to the world of the warrior.

Warriors are not just people who fight, although
in this context there is obviously a fighting

Warriors are People Who STRIVE!

When we talk about spirit, when we talk about
real warriorship.

We are talking about two things really

Okay well maybe three...

  • Dreams/Aspirations
  • Courage
  • Persistence

To see something we want, and to strive for it
no matter how hard, or long, or complicated
the path may be.

When we embrace those attributes.

We are Warriors.

This video really touched me today.

It made me think of all the "Excuses" I have had for
NOT aspiring to be all I could be,

Inspite of the tremendous gifts the universe
has bestowed on me.

  • Great Teachers. I mean REALLY GREAT
  • Time, Energy and Opportunity to Explore
    Many Disiciplines
  • A body and mind that see and express connections
    that are amazing even to me with what they can do...

If the last bullet seemed a bit arrogant and perhaps a bit conceited. or narcissitic.

I apologize for that. You would have had to known me
20 Years ago to really appreciate what is behind that
last statement.

Be That As It May.

This post, Ironically Is Not About Me.

What Are Your Dreams?

Your Aspirations?

Your Gifts?

What's YOUR Excuse For Not Becoming
The You That You COULD Be.

For Not Going For The Life You Want
The Way You Want It.

Just a Thought.


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