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  1. Hello David
    Dean here from NYC.
    I’ve been a believer and fan of your assertion that NLP/Hypno and martial arts are extensions of the same inner entity.
    I am 36 years old now, but I struggled during my early life (primary/secondary school) and unfortunately into my mid-twenties with defending myself.
    I never back downed from bullies verbally, but when it came to a physical confrontation, I could never strike anyone.
    As problems continued, and extensive training in several striking arts failed, I’ve had to become proficient in jiu-jitsu to be able to deal with conflict without actually striking bullies.
    As it turns out, whatever deep-seated emotional issue haunts me, it has not prevented me from grappling when I’m in fight or flight.
    However, as you might have guessed, grappling in the wrong situations has also gotten me hurt.
    While for the last 10 years, I have “grown up” and been able to completely avoid physical confrontation, I remain wanting to resolve the emotional issue.
    I wish I could come see you in LA because I think you would understand and would be able to help.
    Short of that, I wanted to check in to see if you know anyone (hypnotherapist/coach) in the NYC/NJ area who might understand and be able to help.
    Thank you and please keep up the great work,

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