Simple Pressure Point Fighing Tactics For Dealing With Larger Opponents

Last May's Cutting Edge Kyushojitsu Seminar Was a Fantastic Melting Pot of high level tips, tactics and techniques for making your pressure point fighting skills more fast, fun, efficient and most importantly effective. In Todays featured video, we welcome Grand Master Luis Larios of Yuma Arizona as he outlines and demonstrates some of his brutally efficient pressure point fighting tactics and techniques.

GM Luis actually gives you some really powerful food for thought about what points you really need to focus on when dealing with larger opponents as well as what positions and points you might want to avoid. Don't let the simplicity of the techniques fool you. The best fighting tactics are always the most simple. If you, like me, are among the vertically challenged and have to constantly deal with larger attackers, This is an extremely important video.


Your Loyal Friend and Kyusho Buddy
GM David Snyder
8th Dan.


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